School Commissions

St.Marys N.S, Fairview, Dublin

Commemorative Commission

Details: 2 x Acrylic on Canvas painting 180cm x 75cm for school foyer, 12 x workshops

Dates: January – April 2014

Slideshow below shows paintings in development with the artist.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Benincasa Special School, Blackrock, Co.Dublin

Commemorative Commission

Details: 1 x oil on canvas painting, 4 x school workshops

Budget: €5000       Dates: January – June 2013

[Slideshow below shows painting in development including children’s drawings included in completed painting.]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

St.Kilians National School, Kingswood, Tallaght, Co.Dublin.

Per Cent for Art Scheme Commission

Details: 2 x oil on canvas paintings, 25 x lambdachrome prints, 12 x school workshops

Budget:  €16000     Dates: January – June 2007


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