Fort Leavenworth II at 187th RHA Annual Exhibition

Delighted that my painting Fort Leavenworth II was selected for the 187th RHA Annual Exhibition. Varnishing day took place on 21st May with a host of artists in attendance. My piece is hanging on the main stairs and is also featured in the catalogue and also got a mention in last Sunday’s Culture Times

Elements of Surprise

A few unexpected gems manage to save the rather predictable look of the RHA annual show, writes Cristín Leach

There are plenty of young and early- to mid-career painters worth keeping an eye on here, including Colin Martin. This show lays out its stall with a delightful line-up of small paintings — by Caroline Ward, Claire Halpin, Kate Dick, Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Kelvin Mann, Ann Quinn and more — running up the wall of the main stairwell like an offering of amuse-bouche.

187th RHA Annual Exhibition continues until Saturday 12th August 2017.


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