Whistleblowers Triptych Selected for Cairde Visual Art, Sligo – Opening Tuesday 5th July

Claire Halpin_The Whistleblowers Triptych


Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 5th July at 6pm at Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo

Exhibition continues Mon to Sat 10 am to 5pm until Friday July 22nd

Cairde Sligo Arts Festival is delighted to announce our third annual open submission show. This year’s show boasts talent from artists from all over Ireland and abroad and features a great diversity of media.

We are pleased to announce the return of the Hyde Bridge Gallery Award, The Model Cara Award and the exciting new additions of The Hamilton Gallery Award and the SG Education Award. Thank you to all of these organisations for their exceptional support.

Further information: http://cairdefestival.com/

Selected artwork above.


The Whistleblowers series of drawings looks at themes of identity and looking at “the other” as those deemed to be enemies of the state. Using official identification documents of three recently publicised so called whistleblowers – Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley/ Chelsea Manning I created detailed drawings of their official alternative forms of identification ie. Julian Assange’s officially granted Aboriginal Nations Passport, Chelsea Manning’s US Army ID, Edward Snowden’s officially granted Russian Passport.



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