Invited Artist – Irish Collection of the Imago Mundi Project

Citadel_Imago Mundi

Citadel_Imago Mundi, Oil on Canvas, 10cm X 12cm, 2015

I have been invited to contribute a create a small painting for the Irish Collection of the Imago Mundi project.

Imago Mundi is the collection of works commissioned and collected by Luciano Benetton on his travels around the world, involving, on a voluntary and non-profit basis, established and emerging artists from many different countries. Each artist created a work whose only restriction is its 10cm x 12 cm format, contributing to the creation of a remarkable artistic geography.

The collection, under the auspices of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche (established upon the wishes of the Benetton family to support and raise awareness of the wealth of landscape, cultural and artistic heritage), has no commercial ambitions, but aims to unite the diversities of our world in the name of common artistic experience. The goal is to catalogue works, inspirations and ideas, in order to pass down to future generations the widest possible mapping of the situation of human cultures at the start of the third millennium.

The social ambition of Imago Mundi is to promote a knowledge and awareness of art and, through this art, of the world. The numerous collections will be taken on a tour without frontiers to present them to the widest possible number of people, together through this web platform, catalogues and exhibitions in collaboration with private institutions, international organizations and public museums.

The increasingly global Imago Mundi project is further evolving and will involve 80 countries by the end of 2015 for a total of over 10,000 artworks. The Irish Collection of the Imago Mundi Project is being curated by Ciara Gibbons.

Further information on the Imago Mundi Project here:



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