Invited Artist at Artisterium VII, Tbilisi Annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition

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Artisterium VII, Tbilisi Annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Georgia.

Tbilisi History Museum

November 7-17, 2014

The theme for Artisterium VII –  “Houston, we have a problem” can be linked to all kinds of malfunction that may cause disorder, frustration, and chaos within a “system” which is understood here as a set of interacting and interdependent components forming an integrated whole. The theme “Houston, we have a problem” is designed to direct the creative process towards the research and disclosure of conflicts and contradictions that create destructive processes and offers artists the chance to reflect on the problems of any origin or variety whether it’s personal, artistic, philosophical, socio-political, environmental or even to issues or situations which have not yet occurred. The concept of “Houston” as a universal saviour suggests an investigation of possible ways to face problems and to examine the questionable existence of “Houston”, a place where all troubles can be worked out by someone else.

Magda Guruli, Curator

I reflecting on this theme I created a small installation – a system of surveillance  with a drone nest with drone eggs and four component  paintings, each 10cm X 10cm with suggested surveillance systems contemplating on the who or what is watching what by whom and for what. The exhibition includes artists from Georgia, Poland, New Zealand, USA Germany, Ireland, Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Finland, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, S. Korea, Ukraine, Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel.

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  1. Hey looks great Clo have two paintings of mine gone over

    Im confused


    Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 22:23:57 +0000

    November 11, 2014 at 12:49 pm

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