Drone Installation at The Palimpsest/ Rianú Exhibition at The Pearse Museum


As curators of The Palimpsest/ Rianú exhibition at The Pearse Museum we invited each of the artists to respond to the history and context of the Pearse Museum. I was interested in its context as a museum of an educational institute with a unique educational philosophy in its emphasis on bi-lingualism, appreciation of nature, art and Celtic mythology and pageantry. In some ways appearing to be aiming to cultivate modern Celtic warriors or heroes that obfuscates the reality and horrors of war. From this starting point I was drawn to the teaching tools in the glass cases – the specimens and artefacts from the natural world – systematic classification and taxonomic order.

This artwork is developed from my research into surveillance and attempts to navigate the terrain from the mass clandestine surveillance programmes of the NSA through to the use of drones in surveillance and unmanned warfare including micro-aviary – the development of tiny surveillance drones used in warfare, modelled on birds and flight patterns in nature. For this exhibition I wanted to create some modern “specimens” using the aesthetic language and materials of museology to document these machines of mechanised unmanned warfare. The artwork comprises two paintings Fore Runner I which is based on the pigeon cameras used for aerial photography in 1907 by Julius Neubronner while Fore Runner II is based on the current developments in micro-aviary of pigeon surveillance drones. Alongside these paintings are the Drone Nest and Drone Egg – constructed from computer wires and webcams a harbinger of possible developments in drone technology. These works were installed with museum like labelling in one of the Pearse Museum’s original glass cabinets.

Eoin Mac Lochlainn has posted on this artwork here:


The Palimpsest/ Rianú Exhibition continues at The Pearse Museum until 30th November 2014


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