Sounding Lines Public Art Project with Maree Hensey

Snapshot 2 (18-11-2013 21-37)


Sounding Lines is a public visual art project by myself and Maree Hensey which intends to encourage participants to navigate and encounter the River Suir in Tipperary in an innovative and unexpected way. Communities will experience a heightened awareness and reverence for the river as a unique historical, cultural and ecological natural resource. It is designed to take you places you might not otherwise go, to see familiar places in a new light and encourage a strong connectivity to the River Suir through sound and visuals. Over the course of the Sounding Lines Project we plan to run sound and visual workshops with the diverse river communities along the route of the River Suir from Holy Cross to Carrick on Suir. These communities can be any group who are interested in or have an active engagement with any aspect of the River Suir.

This project was commissioned by South Tipperary County Council Arts Service and forms part of an INTERREG IVB programme entitled Green and Blue Futures. South Tipperary County Council is one of the partners of this European Partnership Project.

Here’s my first experiment with animating drawing:

Sounding Lines Blog:


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