Circle of Peace Art Action, Tbilisi, Georgia – 14-16th December

Circle of PeaceNext weekend I have been invited to represent Ireland at the Circle of Peace Art Action in Tbilisi, Georgia

For the first time Georgia will host the art-action The Circle of Peace, which will become an annual event. The art action will take place on December 14, 2013 at the Writers House of Georgia, Tbilisi. 12 artists from 12 different countries will create paintings on the subject of PEACE. Especially for the event, Georgian designers are going to create 12 dresses based on the national costumes of participant countries. The costumes will be shown during the action. A bilingual catalogue and calendar will be published and disseminated among participant countries.

A documentary The Circle of Peace I about the art action will be produced.

The participating artists and countries are Claire Halpin (Ireland), Kumiko Muroi (Japan), Vahagn Hamalbashyan (Aremenia), Ales Kudrashou (Belarus), Ekin Koc (Turkey), Vusal Rahimov (Azerbbaijan), Daniela De Maddalena (Switzerland), Jonathon Gold (Israel), Fotini Kariotaki (Greece) and Behrang Samadzadegan (Iran).

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