Artwork at LARROQUE ART FEST 2013


This year, 47 artists from 19 countries including: Armenia, Bermuda, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Holland, Ireland, The UK, and France will present various works in the “Galerie La Vieille Poste” in Larroque (Tarn).

The theme this year is ‘NEIGHBOURS’ or an Open section for new work in all media, including film and video, sound, installations, photography or net-art. The idea is to introduce a rural environment to international contemporary artists and vice versa, as well as to meet local or regional artists and encourage artistic exchanges.

The artists will present their works in painting, photography, sculpture, installation, craft, sound and other formats at the Old Post Office Gallery and the Sndicat d’initiatives (Municipal Building) Larroque between 26 and 31 July (10.00 to 17.00).



Micro-Aviary 1_Claire Halpin

The artwork I exhibited was – Micro-Aviary 1 – a photopolymer etch that I developed recently, using a found image from an old book on patterns in nature. This ties into my current research into micro-aviary – the development of tiny surveillance drones used in warfare, modelled on birds in nature.


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