Protest Drawing Traced Transferred – Water Tower Art Fest, Sofia, Bulgaria

In June my drawing installation Protest Drawing Traced Transferred was selected for Water Tower Art Fest in Sofia, Bulgaria. This artist-to-artist initiative, held in Sofia, Bulgaria since 2006 – its first venue was and still is an abandoned water tower in the district of Lozenets in Sofia. Temporary Protected Spaces  was the theme for this year’s festival 19–23rd of June 2013 and was curated by Nia Pushkarova.

Full catalogue here: WTAF2013_Catalogue

Protest Drawing Traced Transferred, Pigment on wall, 188cm x 167cm, June 2013

A drawing traced from a newspaper image of the Shell to Sea Protests in Rossport, Co.Mayo. The tracing enlarged to 188cm x 167cm was transferred directly onto the exhibition space wall using red ochre pigment – a material traditionally used in the transferring of images onto gessoed boards in icon and fresco painting. This work is a quiet drawing of protest using subtle graffiti done using an traditional form of image making from art history to create an ephemeral artwork documenting the transfer of a protest against oil multinationals as they expand to remote parts of the world.

“During such a turbulent time with protests all around us your piece was most adequate” – Nia Pushkaraova, Curator

Unfortunately I could not make it to Sofia to install the drawing myself so the very capable artist team at Water Tower Art Fest did a great job on my behalf. Protest Drawing Traced Transferred was simultaneously installed at the Niland Gallery in Galway and Avenue Road Gallery, Dublin which brought a further development to its concept and meaning.


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