Fast Moving Consumer Goods at Talbot Gallery – Curated by Claire Halpin and Elaine Grainger December 2012


For Fast Moving Consumer Goods exhibition at Talbot Gallery the curators invited over 40 artists to create a new artwork using the stock of the discount shops as a rich seam of inspiration. There were no restrictions on the form the artwork could take other than it must be predominantly constructed or made from items purchased from a discount shop. We asked artists to be as innovative as possible, to push the boundaries of their usual practice and push the potential of the materials and media for their artwork. As this show is a reflection of the current climate, the pricing of the work reflected this concept accordingly.



Invited artists include: Angela Mc Donagh, Emmet Kierans, Felicity Clear, Aisling Conroy, Emma Hogan, Joby Hickey, Blath Ni Mhurchu, Bennie Reilly, Nicky Hooper, Deirdre Hayden, Anne Hendrick, Claire Mc Cluskey, Daria Privalko, Joe Stanley, Margaret O’Brien, Lucinda Jacobs, Julie Merriman, Michelle Considine, Claire Halpin, Jennette Donnelly, Beth O’Halloran, Louise Butler, Mary Noonan, Paul Mac Cormaic. Maree Hensey, Jane Fogarty, Andrew Carson, Cecilia Danell, Eoin Mac Lochlainn, Cecillia Bullo, Jennifer Cunningham, Kate Murphy, Mary Fitzgerald, Ian-John Coughlan, Madeleine Hellier, Myra Jago & Kate Stitt.



Artist: Claire Halpin

 Title: 1120 Attempts to make one cube

 Medium: 1120 Plaster casts from ice cube bags

 Dimensions: 1120 x variable dimensions  Year: 2012


My artwork for this exhibition takes its starting point discount stores propensity to sell the consumer vast quantities of an item in one packet when all one needs is the one… just the one. I used a full box of ice cube bags and attempted to make one…just one cube. I love the misleading taglines shouting at the consumer from the packets as to what the item will or will not do or may not do on the contingency that the “pack contents may vary from those illustrated or shown”. From the ice cube bags that will never ever make a cube to the amazing vases that are “Sturdy& Topple Resistant! Will not break” and are “As seen on T.V in some countries!” to the plastic dinosaurs now available in “Popular New Styles”.

View more images from the exhibition here:


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