Samkura Project @ Artisterium – 5th International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia

5th – 15th October| Artisterium -5th International Contemporary Art Exhibition| Tbilisi State Art Academy, Tbilisi, Georgia.

I was invited by Samkura Project to coordinate the installation of its participation at Artisterium 5 in the Tbilisi State Art Academy. Samkura’s exhibition comprised works from 14 artists – Irish artists – Marjorie Carroll, Claire Halpin, Ian Joyce, Heidi Nguyen, Eoin MacLochlainn, Aoife McGarrigle and Guram Tsibakhashvili (Georgia), Alexandra Ramires and Maria Boavida (Portugal), Aikaterini Gegisian (Greece)Hrach Vardanyan and Vahagn Hamalbashyan (Armenia). Samkura is a trans-European art and culture exchange linking European limits in Ireland, Armenia, Georgia, Portugal and Greece and is supported by the E.A.C.E.A.

Artisterium is an evolving curatorial platform, each year its overall theme responds to timely social concerns. The Protest That Never Ends was the theme for 2012. The exhibition aimed to provide a platform to explore what is worth protesting and how a creative work can become a catalyst for change. In response to this theme I developed three new works for the exhibition. Each work involved some element of the found readymade reinterpreted and reworked to emphasise its inherent subject of protest.
   Sentinel (2012) – a video of a cluster of sandcastles I came across at turn of tide in Machaire Rabhartaigh   beach, Donegal  (Dún na nGall – The Stronghold of the Foreigners).

View here:


Graffiti June 2012/ Graffiti Erased August 2012 two photographs taken of  the same abandoned house in Donegal, three months and some erasions later as I found it.







Protest Drawing Traced Transferred I-III

These three drawings were traced from newspaper images of the Shell to Sea Protests in Rossport, Co.Mayo. The tracings were enlarged to A0 size and transferred directly onto the gallery wall using red ochre pigment – a material traditionally used in the transferring of images onto gessoed boards in icon painting. These works were quiet drawings of protest using subtle graffiti done using an traditional form of image making from art history.

Installation images of the Samkura Exhibition at  Artisterium 5, Tbilisi State Art Academy, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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