Car Park – Claire Halpin/ Madeleine Hellier @ Sculpture in Context 2012

Sculpture in Context 2012 at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

6 September – 19 October 2012







“Vehicular traffic is completely forbidden in the green strips where tranquility shall reign and the curse of noise shall not penetrate” Le Corbusier 1887-1965

As our city scape becomes more crowded with buildings and structures and our society becomes more wasteful with disposal of its resources the aim of this project is to take something deemed scrap and transform it into a mobile green space suitable for the small city garden.

The Car Park project upcycles a scrap car and use its forms and surfaces to create all the recreational areas one expects to see in our city parks today.  We have created a bespoke park and garden design in the interior of the car and on the surfaces of the car including formal gardens, sun dial, cactus house, woodland walkway, orchid house, potting shed, bbq and picnic area, tennis court, raised vegetable beds, play area and hubaceous borders.

Sale of Carpark:  In keeping with the theme of the car it is proposed to sell the car by auction to the highest bidder by having a blind auction for the duration of the exhibition. Highest bidder secures, no reserve, car must be removed in line with Sculpture in Context timelines.

Artists: Claire Halpin and Madeleine Hellier

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One response

  1. Caroline Lynch

    I’m sure you had great fun making this. I be in to see them over the weekend.

    September 5, 2012 at 10:08 am

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